After 2 years of development and redesigns and field testing. We are able to release the first units and start the Pre-order window.

The WRCU ( Wireless Remote Control Unit ) is a 2 part system.
The TX side has an SDI input which will accept up to 3G-SDI Program signal from the Atem.

In the last weeks of December we delivered a new fiber system for PTZ cameras capable of transporting 12G-SDI, Gigabit Ethernet and power the camera from a SMPTE hybrid fiber.

The system consist of a BaseStation4 with four SMPTE PTZ 4K units that will fit Panasonic AW series, Lumens PTZ and Sony PTZ cameras.


Last week we delivered our newest model the 12x12 SDI mux with 4 channels 12G and 8 channels 3G full bi-directional. It also includes a dual port Gigabit Lan port and a fiber expansion port.