BroadcastGear at NAB 2024


We are thrilled to announce that BroadcastGear will be present at NAB 2024 at Booth C8539 of CINELIVE

PMG ( Pittman Media Group ) recently build a full new OBV under the name of CINELIVE. 
A full 4K HDR trailer for live events and shows.  As Reseller of BroadcastGear Fiber products they have integrated the  BroadcastGear Fiber muxers for their fiber infra from truck into the field.
And they use multiple BaseStation4 with Sony FR7 ptz's and Sony FX9 cameras with Camback 4K to run there touring shows in 4K HDR.   Come check them out.

BroadcastGear Fiber products is a fast growing company that is developing fiber hardware for years. But only recently started operating outside Europe. Their Fiber muxers with 32 channels of 12G-SDI are selling frequently and the modulair design means that the client can choose the setup of there own port setup.     Instead of getting fixed to all sort of ports they never need.

Daniel from BroadcastGear will be at NAB for a few days to talk and show the system. And answer all questions you might have about the systems.  Meet us there or make an appointment by mailing us.