Canare SMPTE 311M/304M Hybrid

SMPTE HFO Camera Cable 9.2mm Φ

  • Canare LF-2SM9N 9.2MM SMPTE Camera Cable.
  • Canare FCFA and FCMA HFO Connectors - Stainless Steel.
  • SMPTE 311M/304M Compliant. (LEMO compatible)
  • Rubber Dust Caps and coloured rings included.
  • Includes heat shrink tubes to help labelling.
  • Machine polished fiber contacts.
  • Low Insertion and Return Loss.

Available in the following lengths:

  • FCC50N    50 Meter on Schill GT310.RM
  • FCC100M 100 Meter on Schill GT380.RM
  • FCC150N 150 Meter on Schill GT450.RM
    Other lengths on request

FieldCast 2Core SM

FieldCast 2Core main cable SM (single mode) Ultra Light

  • Fieldcast 2Core main cable SM Ultralight 4.8mm Camera Cable.
  • Color coded (two yellow rings for 2Core single mode)
  • Robust male cable connector on both sides

Available in the following lengths:

  • c0100 100 Meter on Schill GT310.RM
  • c0200 200 Meter on Schill GT310.RM

Neutrik opticalCON DUO


  • Ruggedized and dirt-protected 4-channel fiber optic connection system
  • For point-to-point multichannel routing
  • Cable connector features rugged all-metal housing and heavy-duty cable retention
  • Innovative special shutter guarantees low maintenance
  • Dust and water resistant according to IP65 in mated condition
  • Easy to clean, no special tools required
  • Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism
  • Cable connector comes pre-assembled with a choice of mobile field cables
  • Field repairable