Wireless Remote Control Unit - WRCU

Wireless CCU to control Shading for Ursa Mini, Broadcast, Studio camera, microstudio camera's via SDI input from a Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher.

Wireless control and tally of your Blackmagic Design Ursa cameras via your ATEM software or via the ATEM Camera Control Panel.

The WRCU ( Wireless Remote Control Unit ) is a 2 part system.
The TX side has an SDI input which will accept up to 3G-SDI Program signal from the Atem.
Internally strip of the CCU control data. for the chosen Camera ID. And convert this to our BroadcastGear CCU protocol to send wireless.
The RX side is a Vlock unit which will dock on the back of the Ursa camera. And receive the wireless data from the TX side. Convert the data back into BMD Control protocol and send out an SDI signal for camera control on SDI Return feed.

The Transmitter reads the SDI ANC data for camera control and Tally.
Reads the Data for the selected camera ID and converts this SDI Control Data  to our wireless CCU Camera Protocol.
Connect this output to the SDI IN from the camera and it will be controlled wireless from the Atem.

On the Transmitter you can configure the Camera ID to listen to and Wireless communication channel for the WRCU.
Transmitter has a SDI Loop output to send data to the next unit or monitor.
Ethernet and Hirose connector are for future functionality.
Unit is powered trough the USB-C port which also is for future FW upgrades.

Vlock Receiver will pass power from Battery to the camera.
USB-C is for future FW upgrades.
Ethernet and Hirose connector are for future functionality.
3,5mm jack is an External tally output and is designed for use with the Datavideo TD-3 Tally light. (Not supplied but can be ordered as optional )

NOTE:  We do NOT send video as return signal!!  So we do not have audio or Return video available at the camera side.  Just CCU and Tally data.

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RX Vlock Camera unit:

  • SDI Control output for CCU and Tally
  • Vlock Pass Power
  • Oled for menu settings
  • Tally by internal LED and External 3,5mm output for tally light + embedded into SDI for in camera Tally.

  • TX Transmitter unit:

  • SDI Input from Atem
  • SDI Loop output
  • Powered from 5V USB-C
  • Oled for menu settings
  • Tally indicator

  • Wireless Specification:

    Frequency Set:        Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation
    Frequency:               Selectable  2.400GHz to 2.525GHz
    Channel Spacing:   1Mhz steps, 125 Channels.

    Bandwidth:              1Mhz Bandwidth required

    Range:                      150 meter (500ft) depending on environment and RF interference!

    Already tested and confirmed:
    Ursa Broadcast 4K
    Ursa Mini
    Micro Studio Camera 4K

    Pre-order now!!

    When can i expect to get my pre-order?

    While we are getting ready and set up to start small mass production we will start by building a first batch of 10 units.  Ship them out and build the 2nd batch which will be between 10 and 25 units.
    The first batch of 10 units will ship mid/end october 2021)

    Why not now? 
    We are also affected by the current chip market situation.   Some chips that were in our previous design were out of stock the moment we wanted to order a batch of 100 PCB's.  
    So again we had to do some final re-designs.  That batch of 100 PCB's is now in production and will be delivered in about 4 weeks.
    Then we will start building the units.

    What is in the box included:

  • RX Vlock receiver for on the Ursa with SDI out for Control of the Ursa.
  • TX side with SDI Input from Atem, alu housing or Vlock (depending on what model you choose at order)
  • 2 antennas 2400Mhz.
  • 1 Double Right-angle BNC cable for SDI Control signal to the Ursa.
  • USB-C cable for the TX.
  • NO Powersupply!!  Normal phone charger or USB outlet will work.
  • Shipping case
  • Price €2100/  $2470  Ex VAT, Ex Customs.

  • If you have any questions, please email to  support@broadcastgear.eu