Canare Frame-OM6 Fiber Converter

The Canare Frame-OM6 Fiber converter, We offer the Canare OM6 connector into a Frame.   Allowing up to 6  cards from our Muxer line-up to be added to the Frame-OM6.
The Canare OM6 Fiber cable has 6 fibers inside 1 rugged and easy to clean connector.

Available modules are:

- 12G SDI Send + Return + MADI support

- 3G SDI Send + Return

- 1.25Gbps Dual Ethernet
- GenLock
- Optical Pass LC

Power Input 90-264VAC 50/60Hz / (Optional) 12-15VDC via XLR4l

Price: € TBD

Converter DUO

Compact converter boxes that contain 2 modules.
- Integrated fiber connector
- Status Oled display
- Fiber status measurement
- Wide input voltage 9-48 Volt
- You can choose from a range of modules:
     - 12G-SDI SDI Bi-directional Module
     - Dual Gigabit Network  Module
     - Genlock BB or Trilevel Module
     - Dual RS422 Data  Module

Available with the following fiber connectors:
- Neutrik Opticalcon Duo
- Fieldcast 2Core
- Canare SMPTE 311 Hybrid
- Dual LC

Converter Single

Compact small Fiber converter to house 1 module.