Release of Wireless CCU for Ursa cameras WRCU


After 2 years of development and redesigns and field testing.   We are able to release the first units and start the Pre-order window.

The WRCU ( Wireless Remote Control Unit ) is a 2 part system. 
The TX side has an SDI input which will accept up to 3G-SDI Program signal from the Atem.
Internally strip of the CCU control data. for the chosen Camera ID.  And convert this to our BroadcastGear CCU protocol to send wireless.

The RX side is a Vlock unit which will dock on the back of the Ursa camera.  And receive the wireless data from the TX side.  Convert the data back into BMD Control protocol and send out an SDI signal for camera control on SDI Return feed.

More detailed info can be found at: